What We Do

RGL Management represents businesses which have suffered at the hands of Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank. In many cases this involves Tailored Business Loans (TBLs), or Fixed Rate Loans with Interest Rate Hedging Products (IRHPs). Many of these businesses, built through dedicated and honest hard work, were destroyed. And many of the owners do not even realise that they may have a valid claim.
RGL Management will commence legal proceedings on behalf of business customers of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, claiming meaningful compensation for the losses sustained (including consequential losses where relevant). If you believe your business has a valid claim, please go to our Register page and enter your contact details. You will be contacted shortly thereafter so a more complete picture of what happened in your case can be developed. There is no cost or financial risk involved.

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Registrants should note the following:
  • Litigation funding arranged by RGL Management will pay for lawyers, barristers, ATE insurance, forensic accountants and other experts as required, meaning that participation in the litigation will be at no cost to claimants;
  • Registrants and claimants will be indemnified against any adverse cost orders by After the Event (ATE) insurance obtained by RGL Management;
  • Registrants registering with RGL Management will not be making any irrevocable commitment;
  • Given the nature of the legal arguments and causes of action identified by RGL Management, claims for consequential losses will be included in the litigation;
  • RGL Management can act for liquidated or dissolved businesses;
  • RGL Management’s policy is that successful claimants will be entitled to receive 55% of the claim recoveries after certain fees and costs associated with the litigation and funding process.

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