About RGL

RGL Management initiates, builds and prosecutes large, complex, multi-party commercial legal actions; we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activity.

RGL Management assists business owners, individuals and liquidators. Our team combines extensive expertise and experience in the law and the resolution of large scale commercial disputes, investment banking, arbitration and litigation funding, accountancy, insolvency, IT, corporate operational management and claimant communication. This combination of experience and expertise means that RGL Management is able to build the right team and resources for any commercial legal claim.

Where the prospective legal proceedings involve a large multi-claimant group seeking collective loss redress, RGL Management can obtain, through a well-established network of specialist litigation funders, brokers and insurers, the litigation funding and ATE insurance necessary to commence the Court action.

Having funding available means that you do not carry the financial burden of paying the costs of the legal team, and ATE insurance protects you against the financial risk of potentially paying your opponent’s legal costs. RGL Management also works with the selected lawyers to ensure that their fee arrangements are in line with the overall economics of the claim, so that the potential net value of a loss recovery is preserved.

In addition to the lawyers, funders and ATE insurers, RGL Management also manages the important accompanying publicity machine which is used to: a) build the claimant book; and b) maintain pressure on the target to settle, rather than taint their brand with a continued stream of disruptive publicity. This activity encompasses PR to exploit the potential of the Press, and critically, online marketing and social media.

RGL Management also possesses integrated administration and back-office functions, equipped with proprietary RGL-ClaimPoint software, along with analysis, evidence-gathering and processing capability, all essential to the efficient and effective pursuit of large scale legal claims against significantly well-resourced financial institutions.

In summary, RGL Management has the experience, funding and advisor networks, combined with the resources necessary to assist you to unlock the contingent asset value of potential legal claims, whether as a single claimant or by building, resourcing and managing group litigation.

NB: If you have previously registered with any other group intending to take action in this regard, there is nothing to stop you from registering with us now.


The RGL Management team


James Hayward, CEO, is a lawyer and investment banker with experience in the US, UK and Australia. He has vast experience in identifying opportunities and managing risk and costs associated with investing in litigation. He has run many large, complicated, multi-party, commercial actions and also been involved in the litigation funding industry.


Michael Green is a solicitor with over 25 years’ experience of City-based dispute resolution, with a strong emphasis on the financial services sector, including insurance and reinsurance matters, as well as acting for large claimant groups against financial institutions and their advisers. He has a wealth of knowledge about managing, and hedging, the risk and cost of legal proceedings, combining insurance, funding and contingency-based fee arrangements. In 2010 he left partnership at Addleshaw Goddard to co-found Enyo Law, a highly regarded specialist commercial litigation practice, joining RGL Management in 2017.


Anthony Lahert is a highly-experienced executive, having served on boards in the UK, US and Europe. Tony founded, and is chairman of, ksl-it.com a 900 member action group associated with legal claims running to hundreds of millions of dollars against financial institutions and professional advisers in the UK and US. Certain targeted defendants have settled before court action, with ongoing legal proceedings against others in New York and London.


Alan Thomas is a chartered accountant with extensive, broad experience as an insolvency practitioner and businessman, and in running action groups against large financial institutions and advisers, including ksl-it.com


Simon Davenport QC is Head of Chambers at 3 Hare Court. Simon is a leader at the bar in insolvency, company law, civil fraud and commercial litigation and he is widely regarded as a powerful advocate, a team player and a very clever case strategist.


Systems and claimant services


Neil Hargreaves has worked with SMEs, at General Manager and Director level, for 30 years. After training in accountancy, he has gained extensive experience in website development, purchasing, supplier management, logistics, project management and customer services. Neil also provided assistance to the KSL-IT legal action.


Legal team


Michelmores LLP is a Top 100 UK full service law firm founded over 125 years ago with currently 68 partners and more than 450 staff. It has a strong commercial litigation, arbitration and regulatory team operating across their London, Bristol and Exeter offices with extensive experience in dealing with heavy weight, complex and high value litigation.


Garbhan Shanks is a Partner in the Commercial Disputes department at Michelmores. His extensive experience includes acting for and against high-net worth individuals, corporates, financial institutions, insurers and governments in the High Court, Court of Appeal and House of Lords and in numerous LCIA, ICC and ad hoc arbitrations. He has acted in a variety of matters from financial mis-selling, civil fraud, insurance coverage to professional negligence claims, which have also involved parallel FCA and FSO investigations.


Jonathan Kitchin is also a Partner in the Commercial Disputes department with over 10 years of experience resolving disputes from across the financial services spectrum. He has acted for and against major clearing banks, national financial advisor firms, regulated retail investment funds, hedge funds, directors of unregulated collective investment schemes and online trading platforms. His work often relates to breach of regulatory or fiduciary duty, investment performance, product suitability, misconduct and enquiry or intervention by the FCA.


Andrew Oldland QC is Head of the Financial Services team and Head of the Regulatory team. Andrew is a barrister and has extensive experience in financial regulation and financial crime, including offences under the Companies Acts. As a senior advocate, Andrew’s former posts include standing counsel to HM Revenue and Customs, and membership of the ‘A’ lists of counsel for the UK Attorney General and the Serious Fraud Office. As such he was responsible for prosecuting some of the UK’s most complex and serious cases, and is able to pursue private prosecutions, regulatory and criminal angles in conjunction with the Commercial Disputes department’s cases.