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  1. The questions below are focused on whether Clydesdale Bank or Yorkshire Bank (“the Bank”) stated that your business should pay or would be liable to pay an “early repayment fee” - see note B below - before the Loan(s) with the Bank was repaid early or restructured, or when an early repayment or restructuring of the Loan(s) was discussed or as part of any annual/periodic review by the Bank of the lending terms.

  2. The Bank may have alternatively referred to this “early repayment fee” as an “exit fee” or “charge” or “penalty” or “cost or “break cost” or “breakage cost” or “economic cost” or something similar. In the questions below, for convenience, we use the term “Break Cost”, but the questions apply equally to any of these terms.

  3. The questions below are NOT concerned with when the Loan(s) was first taken out – the focus is on if and when there was an early repayment, or restructuring, of the Loan(s), or a discussion about repaying early or restructuring or as part of any annual/periodic review by the Bank of the lending terms, i.e. before the end of the term of the Loan(s).

If you believe you have been asked similar questions before, please rest assured that these specific questions are being asked now for specific reasons relevant to the case.

1 Early repayment or restructuring or reviewing/renewing the terms of the Loan(s)

(Select one)
[If “no” to 1.4, please go to Question 2.1]

2 Early repayment charge or exit fee (or “Break Cost”)

[If “no” to 2.1, please go to Question 5]
Enter value as a number eg 75000
2.4 When did the Bank quote the Break Cost? (Insert the earliest date if more than one quote)
2.5 Who at the Bank said that an early repayment of the Loan(s) meant there would be a Break Cost to pay?

(Leave blank if you can’t remember their name or position)

3 Payment of a Break Cost

[If “no” to 3.1, please go to Question 4]
3.2 How much was paid to the Bank as a Break Cost?
Enter value as a number eg 75000
When was this paid
[If “yes” to 3.1, please now go to Question 5]

4 A Decision not to pay a Break Cost

(select one)
4.3 When was it decided not to pay the Break Cost and carry on with the Loan(s)?

5 The Bank’s explanation of why a Break Cost was payable

[If “no” to 5.1, please go to Question 5.4]
[If “no” to 5.2, please go to Question 5.3]
[If “yes” to 5.2, please go to Question 5.4]

6 Restructured loan

[If “no” to 6.1, please go to Question 7]
6.2 When did the new or restructured borrowing start?
[If “no” to 6.3, please go to Question 7]

7 Loan amount still outstanding

7.2 If “No” to 7.1, when was the Loan fully paid off?

8 Other comments

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