Concerns about ongoing relationships with the bank


We realise that some potential claimants are still banking with Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank and may be concerned about a hostile reaction in response to their inclusion in a group legal action.


RGL has discussed this potential issue with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking (APPG). If you are affected by this concern you should send the letter below to your local MP – in both your residential and business constituencies.


Please feel free to tailor the letter to your own circumstances, but we recommend that you keep it brief and ensure the key message retains its prominence. To find your MP we recommend where you can normally find both the constituency office address and e-mail address for an MP, by entering your post code.


Please provide us with a copy of your letter by email or post, and any reply you receive subsequently, and with your permission, we will share these with the APPG.


The plan is to get a large number of MPs aware of this issue, such that it becomes appropriate for direct contact on behalf of MPs with CYBG management. If you could share your letters and any replies with us we will in turn share these with the APPG. When we send our pre-action letter, we can then ask the APPG to send a letter to CYBG management reiterating the concern.


We believe this will be very effective in stopping inappropriate and vindictive actions against claimants.



[Letter template]


Dear [MP’s name]


Re: CYBG plc and its subsidiary Clydesdale Bank Limited (also trading as Yorkshire Bank) “CYBG”  


My business was a victim of CYBG, in that we suffered losses from inappropriate financial products, which created a heavy burden of costs on the business. We have no choice now but to continue banking with CYBG, and yet I am very concerned that in response to my progressing a claim against them, they will take damaging action against my business. This concern threatens to undermine my access to justice and, given the recent appalling conduct of banks towards their clients, I feel highly justified to feel the threat of a vindictive and damaging response from CYBG.


I am one of a group of such claimants working with RGL Management Limited to pursue our claim. Please see


I would be very grateful if you could confirm to me that you will be taking an interest in any such inappropriate response. I would like to share your reply with the APPG on Fair Business Banking, such that the scrutiny of MPs on this issue can be recorded and shared with CYBG.


Yours faithfully etc