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We are collecting this data to enable our team of experts to assess the best way to progress our intention to sue Clydesdale on behalf of affected businesses who are registered with us. To this end we may share your data, in confidence, with our professional advisors.


Please take time to consider and answer each question as accurately and fully as possible, as this will form our initial view of the potential of your claim.

NB This questionnaire needs to be completed in one sitting, it can’t be saved to return to later. However, you can go back to correct or add to previous sections. You may wish to do a trial run-through without submitting in order to understand what is required.

When you have completed it to your satisfaction, it is essential to press the Submit button at the end.


If more than one business was damaged, and if they had different ownership or unrelated activities such that you cannot aggregate the trading values, or your experiences with Clydesdale, on a single questionnaire, please complete a separate one for each business.


If you are concerned about the expiry of specific limitation periods for potential causes of action, it is important that you read our statement on limitation.


Please ensure that you do not destroy any documentation or records, including text messages and your own handwritten notes, which could be used as evidence.


Due to the potential for this information to result in litigation, we recommend that you do not make any comments on social media about the specifics of your potential case, or any general derogatory comments about Clydesdale.


Questionnaire 2

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